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Telecommunication Products

Telecommunication solutions are most ideally created for business customers than individual or residential users, though everyone can use it.


Security Surveillance Products

Take your safety to the next level with a home security surveillance system. You can monitor your home’s exterior and keep an eye on each room of your home.


one-stop shop for buying and servicing all kinds CCTV camera security system, and other surveillance products along with installation services catering at your doorstep. Our impeccable surveillance services and solutions cover the whole nine yards of security needs for an entire spectrum of industries and households. Each of our CCTV camera and other surveillance products is carefully designed specific to its usability ranging from residential to corporate security. We strive to offer the surveillance security solutions that are perfect synonyms of excellence, imparting comprehensive coverage to keep away undesirable intruders.

Satisfying sector needs

Building on our heritage in public space surveillance, the transport market was a clear fit for Synectics, and in 2004 we acquired Look CCTV Limited.

Bring the experience to life

our expertise and experience in critical surveillance had also seen us build profile in both High Security and heavy industrial settings.

Expanding our reach

Our sector and geographic growth has always been underpinned by technical knowledge. All our products, from system hardware and cameras to solutions.



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